Rolgear is a family owned company in British Columbia, Canada that manufactures and produces a full line of ratcheting screwdrivers. The Swiss founder, Robert Suter, invented the patented technology of his roller type ratchet. Unfound in other ratcheting tools, the Rolgear screwdriver offers single-handed application, including a silent and smooth ratchet with forward, backward and neutral positions.



Robert is the President of Rolgear, and with his Swiss origin, is a natural at innovating and developing even the most intricate of details. Like the ratchet screwdriver, Robert has a knack for making tools easy and fun to use, and with his long history in the industry, he’s even able to create the machinery that creates the tools!


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Angie is the amazing wiz who has it all under control. May it be numbers, counts, paper forms, you name it, she knows it all! Although Angie has her heart put on the creation of her art, she also has year of experience as a buyer of one of Switzerland’s most renown ladies wear retail company.


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