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Spring 2020 Contest Giveaway

Spring Giveaway

Enter to WIN our most popular driver! We are giving away our…

Rolgear Bit Driver at Lee Valley Tools

We’re very proud to announce that you can now purchase our…

Custom Printed Handles

For your business or personal use Whether you want to pick up…

Trade Show Success

BC Home and Garden Show At this past Home and Garden Show,…

Rolgear Reviews

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How to Clean and Reassemble the Ratcheting Multibit Driver

In this video, the founder of Rolgear Manufacturing, Rob Suter,…
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BEAVIS Tool Review of Rolgear Ratcheting Screwdriver

Brendan Beavis from Melbourne, Austrailia tries one of our racheting drivers. Watch the video for Brendan's review.
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Toolpig Reviews Rolgear’s 15-tip Racheting Screwdriver

Watch Toolpig's video on Instagram about the Rolgear 15-tip racheting screwdriver.
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Tool Rank Review of Rolgear Screwdrivers

Chris Rodenius from Southern California reviewed Rolgear screwdrivers on
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Quality Handtool Review

Mark Hinkle reviews the quality and functionality of Rolgear screwdrivers. Watch the video, and read Mark's full review on the Quality Handtool Review website.
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Real Tool Reviews, Review of 3 Rolgear Screwdrivers

Daniel McGuinn from the very popular Real Tool Reviews website and YouTube channel tested and compared three of our racheting drivers. Watch the video for Daniel's review.