Trade Show Success

BC Home and Garden Show


At this past Home and Garden Show, we experienced a tremendous response to our product. Not only did it show in the end dollar figure of sales, but it was also quite evident in the continuous swarm of buzz around our booth, the feedback from our new customers, and the recently (and quickly) acquired brand ambassadors.

We had one gentleman, in particular, who purchased a Multi-Bit from us on the first day, and brought a new customer back to us on each of the 4 subsequent days!

We had an inspiring comment from another customer, which is so heart-warming we just had to share it. He says:

“I picked up one of these screwdrivers at the home and garden show and I fell in love with this innovative product! The fit and finish is amazing and the design is unique. The design and feel of the handle in your hand is incredibly comfortable. I know you’ve got a sure winner with this product and design! I will be spreading a good word around to my friends, family and co-workers about this tool.”

We experienced the unanticipated delight of positive response and high interest from local retailers, and are now very likely on our way into more stores, and we got to see how widely our product reaches the market. Everyone from eighty year old women, middle-aged men, beautiful groups of women, and children as small as age 4 enjoyed trying our ratcheting screwdrivers & many took one home for themselves.

There’s no doubt, you’ll be seeing us at many more tradeshows to come!