Rolgear Mfg. Inc. makes best efforts to ensure that all products manufactured are to the best standard and are guaranteed against defects in materials and for proper workmanship as long as the product is used for the purpose it is designed.

The guarantee applies to Rolgear products purchased new from Rolgear or authorized distributors and dealers and is extended to the original purchaser of the product.

The warranty does not apply to product which has signs of abuse, misuse or improper care and it does not cover for normal wear and tear.

If any Rolgear product fails under normal use, Rolgear will repair or replace it at its discretion free of charge. The product has to be returned to Rolgear by PREPAID shipment and accompanied by an explanation of the damage and a full name and return address.

The warranty does cover for the cost of the repair or replacement of the product but does NOT include any coverage for other cost including damages, shipping and time lost.


Excluded from this guarantee are normal wear parts such as power bits, insert bits and accessories.


Items for which there is a claim for warranty should be returned to an authorized Rolgear distributor as to the distributors return policy or directly to Rolgear Mfg. Inc., along with an explanation of the problem and proof of purchase.